Is it good to work as a consultant?

You'll have more opportunities to grow. Consulting has a hierarchy, of course, but it also has a huge background of merit-based opportunities and performance. If you're good at what you do, you'll be rewarded and, unlike many other jobs, you won't have to wait for your boss to leave to progress. In consulting, you'll work with a lot of data and facts, and you'll have to make a lot of decisions.

Not all of them will be the right ones. Becoming a great consultant means that you sometimes make an error of judgment, and that's OK. If you screw up, don't hit yourself and don't try to correct the error yourself. Look for experienced resources, such as your mentor or boss, to understand what you went wrong about and how you can fix it.

Working in consulting is a great way to build your professional network. Because a consultant often changes between several clients in the time an employee stays with their employer, the consultant meets and establishes personal and professional connections with more people. Having a wide network can benefit you in many ways, both when you work in your consultant position and when considering looking for an employee position or starting your own company. In general, if you work as a consultant, you will often be pushed to your limits.

As mentioned above, consultants spend most of their time working for clients. At the junior level, working for a client takes up 70% to 85% of their available time, and at higher levels, time spent with clients is reduced to less than 40%. The nature of client projects, also known as engagements, can differ significantly, depending on the type of project (advisory versus implementation), the type of offer, the role of the consulting team, and the agreement reached with the client (e.g., due date delivery to client teams).

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